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The Magician Series
Entire Set: $165

We are very pleased to now offer the entire 22 episodes of the 1973-74 series of “The Magician” starring Bill Bixby.  All episodes are 2 to a disk and all commercials have been removed.  The full set of 11 DVD’s can be purchased at a reduced rate of $15 or $165 total.  This is the series that got the whole magic revolution started.

What follows are the individual episodes:

The Magician (Pilot -- 90 min)
Episode Number: 1    Season Num: 1    First Aired: Saturday March 17, 1973

Among the Magic performed in the pilot was:
Sword suspension
Dove production
Disappearance from a glass case
Production of a glass of wine from a foulard

The Man-hunters
Episode Number: 2    Season Num: 1    First Aired: Tuesday October 2, 1973

Among the magic performed in this episode:

- Rose production and animation
- Backhand card palming and production
- Aces and Jacks transposition

The Vanishing Lady
Episode Number: 3    Season Num: 1    First Aired: Tuesday October 9, 1973

Magic performed in this episode:

- Topsy-Turvy Lady illusion
- Kellar Rope Tie--instant rope release with two volunteers (an effect made famous in later years by Harry Blackstone Jr.). Tony Blake (Bill Bixby) also performed this effect in the first episode of the second half of the season.
- Girl to leopard illusion

Illusion in Terror
Episode Number: 4    Season Num: 1    First Aired: Tuesday October 23, 1973

Among the magic performed in this episode:

Linking bracelets (McAbee Rings)
Hat Tear (tissue paper to hat)
Vanishing Handkerchief
Serpentine (untying) Silk
Appearing Bill
Quadruple Your Money (bill multiplication)
Vanishing Woman (After a woman climbs into a wooden box, it is hoisted to the ceiling and the sides fall open, showing her vanished)

Lightning on A Dry Day
Episode Number: 5    Season Num: 1    First Aired: Tuesday October 30, 1973

Magic performed in this episode:

Woman from a Stack of Boxes
Vanishing Lady
Appearing Mango Tree (done outdoors)

Ovation for Murder
Episode Number: 6    Season Num: 1    First Aired: Tuesday November 6, 1973

Magic performed in this episode:

Mark Wilson's Train Illusion (a version of sawing a lady in half, performed by Bill Bixby)
Rising Cards from houlette (a cylindrical glass holder)
Torn and Restored Paper

Man on Fire
Episode Number: 7    Season Num: 1    First Aired: Tuesday November 20, 1973

Magic performed in this episode:

Appearing Woman in Costume Trunk
Silk to Egg
Scarf appears tied between two other scarves
Sliding Knot on Rope

Lady in A Trap
Episode Number: 8    Season Num: 1    First Aired: Tuesday November 27, 1973

Magic performed in this episode:

Rising cards from wallet, pocket
Book production from newspaper

The Man Who Lost Himself
Episode Number: 9    Season Num: 1    First Aired: Tuesday December 11, 1973

Magic performed in this episode:
- Shooting a girl from a cannon into a paper drum
- Transformation of stage bill into $20 bill (Mike Kozlowski's $100 Bill Switch)
- Short sponge ball routine
- Doves in box production
- Transformation of doves in box to parrot

Nightmare in Steel
Episode Number: 10    Season Num: 1    First Aired: Tuesday December 18, 1973

Magic performed in this episode:

Tip-Over Box Girl Production
Quarter to Two Silver Dollars
Mike Kozlowski's $100 Bill Switch
Appearing Cane (blink and you'll miss this one!)

Shattered Image
Episode Number: 11    Season Num: 1    First Aired: Tuesday January 8, 1974

Magic performed in this episode:
- Divided lady (a woman in a cabinet emerges unharmed, despite the fact that four blades are thrust all the way through)
- Balancing and Rolling a Ball on a Rope (Tony teaches us this one)
- Causing a dove, covered by a silk, to vanish in a little girl's hands

The Illusion of the Curious Counterfeit (1)
Episode Number: 12    Season Num: 1    First Aired: Monday January 14, 1974

Magic performed in this episode:
- Instant rope release (Kellar Rope Tie)
- Production of a live owl from scarves (whole effect not seen)
- Transformation of one girl into another (reveals how the trick is done)
- Bare-handed bill production

The Illusion of the Curious Counterfeit (2)
Episode Number: 13    Season Num: 1    First Aired: Monday January 21, 1974

Magic performed in this episode:
Transposition of a flash paper ball from one hand to another (performed by both Mark Wilson and Bill Bixby in this episode)
Lit Match From Nowhere (Tony Blake's favorite trick!)
Billiard Ball Vanish and Production (performed simultaneously by Mark and Greg Wilson)

The Illusion of the Stainless Steel Lady
Episode Number: 14    Season Num: 1    First Aired: Monday January 28, 1974

Magic performed in this episode:
- Shooting a Ribbon Through a Lady by Bill Bixby
- Brief glimpse of the Dancing Handkerchief by Mark Wilson

The Illusion of the Queen's Gambit
Episode Number: 15    Season Num: 1    First Aired: Monday February 4, 1974-William Shatner

Magic performed in this episode:
Appearing cane (performed by Bill Bixby)
Dancing cane (performed by Peter Pit)
"Asrah" floating and vanishing lady illusion (Bill Bixby)
Vanish of bracelet with sleight-of-hand (Bill Bixby)
Appearance of woman in a glass casket (Bill Bixby - whole effect not seen)

The Illusion of Black Gold
Episode Number: 16    Season Num: 1    First Aired: Monday February 11, 1974

Magic performed in this episode (all performed by Bill Bixby, except as noted):

Appearing lit match (twice)
Flower in a flash of flame
shale appears in the palm of his hand (after being draped by a silk scarf)
Vanish of a piece of shale in the bare hands
Appearance of a candle in a flash of flame in assistant's hand (seen from a distance)
Candle to scarf
Dove from scarf
Billiard ball vanish and production (Mark Wilson, with son Greg)

The Illusion of the Lost Dragon
Episode Number: 17    Season Num: 1    First Aired: Monday February 18, 1974

Magic performed in this episode:

Zig-Zag Lady (performed surrounded by Bill Bixby)
Diminishing Cards (performed by Mark and Greg Wilson)
Pagoda Box Production (Silks appear in an empty spinning box, hung from a cord) performed by Philip Ahn (Chao Liu)
Production of bill from the air (Bill Bixby)
Color changing chess piece in a box
Appearance of dragon figurine in a smoke-filled glass box

The Illusion of the Deadly Conglomerate
Episode Number: 18    Season Num: 1    First Aired: Monday February 25, 1974

Magic performed in this episode:

Vanishing Radio (Bill Bixby)
Rising Spoon in Hand (Frank Denbo (Jack Ging ))
Producing a cigarette from thin air (Bill Bixby)
Bill in cigarette (Bill Bixby)
Producing lit candle from jacket pocket (Bill Bixby)
Card Castle (Frank Denbo (Jack Ging ))

The Illusion of the Fatal Arrow
Episode Number: 19    Season Num: 1    First Aired: Monday March 4, 1974

Magic performed in this episode
- Vanishing cane by Mark Wilson
- Cigarette productions by Nino
- Continuous coins from handkerchief by Bill Bixby (this is taught on page 200 of the Mark Wilson Course in Magic)
- Card rise from hand by Bill Bixby
- Card vanish by Bill Bixby
- Card production from the air (back palming) by Bill Bixby

The Illusion of the Lethal Playthings
Episode Number: 20    Season Num: 1    First Aired: Monday March 18, 1974

Magic performed in this episode:
- Thin Model Sawing a Lady In Half illusion by Bill Bixby (only very end of trick seen)
- Vanishing knot in handkerchief by Mark Wilson
- Appearing Rosebud by Bill Bixby
- The Haunted Deck by Bill Bixby (deck cuts itself four times under its own power)
- Chinese Sticks by Bill Bixby (cord on one wand shortens when cord on another wand is pulled)
- Snake Box by Bill Bixby (Drawer Box)
- Doll House Illusion by Bill Bixby (a woman appears in an empty box
The Illusion of the Cat's Eye
- Episode Number: 21    Season Num: 1    First Aired: Monday March 25, 1974 doll house.)

Magic performed in this episode:

Vanish of glass (with tangerine inside) - Bill Bixby
Doves in Balloons - Bill Bixby
Dove vanish in Tear Apart Box - Bill Bixby
Card fan productions - Mark Wilson with son Greg

The Illusion of the Evil Spikes
Episode Number: 22    Season Num: 1    First Aired: Monday April 15, 1974

Among the magic performed in this episode:

Table of Death (Andre Kole)
Sword Suspension (rotating)
Safe escape


Disc 1

Chamber of Horror with Richiardi

Hosted by Vincent Price

  • Rice Bowls
  • Temple of Benares
  • Dove Vanish
  • Levitation
  • Orange, Lemon, Egg, Canary
  • Razor Blades from Mouth
  • Burned Alive
  • Head Chopper

David & Goliath - Hand Balancing


  • De Kolta Chair into Tip Over Trunk
  • Buzz Saw
You Asked for It John Calvert
  • Levitation
  • Blindfolded Gun Shooting
Merv Griffin Harry Anderson and Leslie -- Escape
Bare Touch of Magic Goldfinger & Dove - Manip Act

Denin & Saborols - Lion's Bride

Harry Anderson

  • Ping-Pong Ball, Apple, & Flute
  • Torn and Restored Bills

Shimada - Parasol Act

Karazini - Cigarette Routine

Bob Higa

  • Snowstorm
  • Asrah

Martin Nash - Close-Up Magic

Goldfinger & Dove - Torn & Restored Newspaper

Harry Anderson

Mephisto - Guillotine

The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson Lance Burton -- Classic Bird Act
Walter Blaney at Nashville Palace Walter Blaney -- Ladder Suspension
Comedy Female Comedy Magician


Disc 2

The XIV International Championship of Magic

Brussels 1979

Hosted by Tony Randall

Richard Ross - Cigarette Productions

Magic Christian

Vito Lupo


Ger Copper

 Gill Frantzi

 John Hirokawa

Fee Eleisa

Sara Kabigujina & Sultangali Shukurov

Sigfreid & Roy: Superstars of Magic

Las Vegas 1980

Sigfreid & Roy


Disc 3

Magic of the Stars  
Presto Chango - It's Magic - 1980


Hosted by Raymond Burr

Carlton & Company
  • Crystal Casket
  • Tip-Over Trunk
  • Clear Sub Trunk with Tiger Appearance
  • Triple Alliance

Mr. Electric - Lightbulb Act

Chuck Jones

  • Mirror Cabinet
  • Mis-Made Girl
  • Battle of Barrels
  • Metamorphosis with Barrel

Vito Lupo - Mime Act

Chuck Jones - Guillotine

Johnny Lonn - Comedy Magic

Tony Van Dommelin

Chuck Jones - Vanishing Elephant

Marvin Roy  


Disc 4

Magic with the Stars Orson Welles - Intro

Erik Estrada - Table of Death

David Copperfield with Cindy Williams -- Psycho

Buster Keaton -- Trying to Get a Job As a Magicians Assistant

Norm Neilsen - Classic Act

  • Card Manipulation
  • Floating Violin

Martin Null - Floating Piano

Fantasy Factory - Black Art

Scott Baio & Norman Feld - Mind-Reading Act


  • Broom Suspension
  • De Kolta Chair
  • Tip Over Trunk

Houdini - Chair Escape

Vincent Price

  • Headless Woman
  • Human Spider

Dom Deluise - Comedy Magic

Carlton & Company

  • Double Crystal Caskets
  • Tip Over Trunk
  • Big Cat Appearance
  • Sub Trunk
  • Triple Alliance

Tony Curtis - Costume Trunk

The Great Tomsoni - Dove Act

Kalanag - Hindu Rope Trick

Norman Feld & Scott Baio - Professor Cheer's Rope Trick

David Copperfield - Dancing Hank

Harry Anderson

Orson Welles - Crystal Casket & Iron Maiden Illusion with Lights


Disc 5

Mumbo Jumbo: It's Magic!  
Monte Carlo Show Unknown

Hans Moretti - Sword Box

Ace of Illusions Johnny Ace Palmer -
  • Sword Through Neck
  • Coin Vanishes
  • Interview
  • Vanishing Pen and Cap
  • Vanishing Saltshaker
  • Sponge Balls
  • Coin Falling Up
  • Metamorphosis (Sub Trunk)
Doug Henning's Magic on Broadway  


Disc 6

World of Wizards

HBO 1977

Hosted by James Randi

Intro with the Amazing Randi

Blackstone Sr. - Buzz Saw

Lee Edwards -- Buzz Saw


Tina Lenert

Dante -- Sawing

Goldfinger and Dove-- Fire Eating

Peter Pit -- Dancing Cane

William McQueen -- Street Magic

Al Flosso's Magic Shop

Colon, Michigan

John Todman -- Broom Suspension

Becky Blaney - Ducks Pan

Monk Watson - Ropes

John Todman - Zig-Zag


Blackstone Sr. - Lady to Girl While on Seat

Neil Foster - Cigarette Manipulation

Dai Vernon - Wand and Ball, Coin Vanish, Ambitious Card

Doug Henning

Houdini - straight jacket, packing case, ice block, Niagra Falls,

Walter Gibson

Bess Houdini

James Randi

Celebrity Review

Dec. 15, 1976

Peter Pit

Houvine & Diana

Glenn Falkenstein - Blindfold Act

Diana Zimmerman

Peter Pit - Drink Act

Mike Yamasho

Diana Zimmerman

Wonderful World of Magic

Bill Bixby



Disc 7

Siegfried & Roy - Japan Special  
World Super Magic - Japanese  


Disc 8

International  Magic Awards - 1990

Host: Harry Blackstone

Cuts Off

Production from Giant Cards

Lance Burton - Bird Act

Jeff Hobson - Card in Mouth

Hollywood Legends - Sawing,

Michael Ammar - Finding the Aces

Max Maven -

Brian Dill - Duck Bucket, Floating Duck, Dove Production

Greg Wilson - Sword Box Metamorphosis

Harry Blackstone - Lion's Bride


Disc 9

Witness the Impossible - Magic and Illusion - Richiardi Richiardi
  • Rice Bowls
  • Duck Pan with Finger Rings
  • Balloon to Dove Tray
  • Metamorphosis

Joseph Gabriel - Manip Act


  • Broom Suspension
  • Mini Car Levitation

Ricardo Richiardi - Black Art


  • Orange, Lemon, Egg, Canary
  • Razor Blades in Mouth
  • De Kolta Chair to Tip-Over Trunk
  • Outdoor Levitation at Resorts International


Halloween Special Larry Wilson
  • Silk in Egg
  • Duck Pan
Magical, Musical Halloween Burned Alive
You Asked For It Dante - Crushing Illusion
Musical Doug Henning
  • Vanishing Bowl
  • Wrap Around
  • Duck Production
  • Duck Vanish
  • Vanishing Feet
  • De Kolta Chair
  Lance Burton - Dove Act
Tonight Show with Johnny Carson James Randi - Psychic Surgery
Al Albert Showcase Linking Rings
Late Show with David Letterman Penn & Teller
Regis & Kathy Lee Penn & Teller


Disc 10

David Copperfield XIII

Orient Express


Motorcycle to Girls


Card Through Window of Train

Heads Off with Mirror Box

Cut & Restored Rope

Water Levitation

Air Tight (Card in Balloon)

Floating Rose

Things That Go Bump in the Night (The Big Black Box)

Touch the Screen Prediction

Train Levitation (Asrah)

Peter Pit Interviews Richiardi Peter Pit



Disc 11

Magic of the Magic Castle - CBS


Morning Exchange David Copperfield - Interview
Merv Griffin Lance Burton
Magic with Sherri Lewis  


Disc 12

You Asked For It Dante - Backstage with the Magician
The Magic of David Copperfield V

Statue of Liberty

Sally Jesse Rafael Richard Burch - Paranormal Investigator
PBS Late Night James Randi
Magic Moments - HBO Steve Weber - Rubik's Cube
Incredible Sunday Globe of Death

Hugo Zamaretti - Contortionist in Bottle

Tonight Show with Johnny Carson Joseph Gabriel - Orange, Lemon, Egg, Canary


Disc 13

The Magic of David Copperfield XII

Niagara Falls

Secrets & Mysteries Psychic Detectives
Learned Pigs and Fireproof Women - Ricky Jay  


Disc 14

An Evening at the Tom Foolery Tom Mullica
Showtime - The Hip Hypnotist Miss Pat Collins - Hypnotism
Circus Magic Poodle Dog Act


Disc 15

World's Greatest Magic II

Original Air Date: November 22nd, 1995
Hosted by Alan Thicke

Dirk Arthur - Helicopter Appearance

Jason Byrne - Fun with Birds

Mac King Teach-a-Trick

Mark Kalin & Jinger - Transfiguration

Jeff Hobson - Comedy Egg Bag

Brett Daniels - Marilyn Monroe

Jeff McBride - Mask's, Myths and Manipulations

Amazing Jonathan - Crazy Comedy

Aayla & Lillia - Fun with Fire

Rick Thomas - Levitation

Rene Leveland - "It Can't Be Done Any Slower" Oil & Water

Max Maven - Interactive Magic

Luis DeMatos - Rubberbands and Mirrors

Melinda - Drill of Death

Penn and Teller - The Magic Bullet

How'd They Do That? Franz Harary - Submarine Appearance
You Asked For It Dorothy Deitrich - Strait Jacket Escape

Hoffman - Think-A-Drink


Comic Strip Live Steve Oderek

Pat Plendl - Hula Hoop

Word Hall Side Show
Late Show with David Letterman Michael Moschen


Disc 16

Rudy Coby - The Coolest Magician on Earth: Ridiculously Dangerous  
Champions of Magic - Monaco  
You Asked For It Johnny Gaughan - Backstage with the Magician

Slippery Leo - Escape Artist

Surfboard Suspension

Madame's Palace Carl Ballantine
Dick Clark Mr Escape - Steve Baker

Max Maven

Incredible Sunday Franz Harary - Helicopter Appearance
Misc Australian Magician


Disc 17

Hidden Secrets of Magic  
Extreme Magic - Robert Gallup  


Disc 18

Magic!!! Starring Harry Blackstone, Jr. - PBS  
Fame and Fortune Doug Henning
That's Incredible Mark Kalin
Late Show with David Letterman

(Cuts Off)

Harry Anderson
  • Walking Knot
  • Prediction in Hat
Circus Magic Confetti to Liquid

Round Sub Trunk

Assembly Show News Skip Cain
Good Time Cafe Patrick Martin - Coins Across



Disc 19

Siegfried & Roy

The Magic, The Mystery

Doug Henning #7

with Ann Jillian, Bruce Jenner, & Cherish Alexander

Doorway Appearance

Chocolate Milk Production

Silk in Apple

Magical Mirror

Red Hot Mamma

Card Warp

Matrix torn & Restored

Linking Cards

Girls Appear in Rings

Floating Giant Ring

Ann Jillian Production

Disc Sawing in Half

Compressed with Billy Crystal Production

Jarrett Box Cheerleader Productions

Vanishing & Reappearing Birdcage

Fishbowl Vanish

Vanishing & Reappearing Lamp

Cut & Restored Rope

Duck Production & Vanish

Carousel to Real Horses

Horses to Zebra

Lifestyles with Regis Philbin Gus Searsey - Color Monte

Kreskin & Mom - Interview

AM Cleveland Harry Blackstone, Jr.


Disc 20

Houdini: Unlocking His Secrets - NBC (1995) Charlotte Pendragon - Underwater Chain Escape

Lance Burton - Strait Jacket

Mac King - Thumb Tie

Pendragons - Sub Trunk (Metamorphosis)

Brett Daniels - Water Torture Cell

David Williamson - Needles


David Copperfield XV - Fires of Passion  
Wisconsin Public Television Presents Houdini - 1986 Houdini


Disc 21

Secrets of Psychics Revealed  
More Science of Magic  
Sin City Spectacular Penn & Teller - Masked Magician Spoof
Entertainment Tonight David Blaine - Buried Alive
World's Most Amazing Videos Buried Alive
Real TV Jason Magic - Upside Down Strait Jacket Escape Failure
Tonight Show with Jay Leno Penn & Teller - Knife Through Coat
Tonight Show with Johnny Carson Russell - Robot/Mime Act


Disc 22

Japanese Magic Convention Mark Kalin - Pool Routine

Topper Martin - Comedy

Otto Wesley

Zaney Blaney


Paul Fiedler - Guitar Suspension

Jose De LaTorre

Terry Seabrooke

Charles Kirkham

Owens Bulb Suspension

Frances Willard with Glen Falkenstein

Pierre Brahma

Pete Biro

Kiro Ogi

Tomsoni & Co.

Maki Sari - Thumb Tie


Miss Nichi

Fred Kaps

Channing Pollock - Presents Awards

Siegfried & Roy Coors Commercial Siegfried and Roy
Late Show with David Letterman Kamarr
Tonight Show with Johnny Carson James Randi
The Arsenio Hall Show Eno
The Arsenio Hall Show Pendragons
  • Fire Cage
  • Blammo Dog Appearance
  • Sword Basket
  • Impalement


Disc 23

Blake's Magic 1

2 Hour Premiere

Breathing Room - 1/5/1986

Blake's Magic


Disc 24

Blacke's Magic


"Ten Tons of Trouble"

Blacke's Magic


"Knave of Diamonds, Ice of Hearts"



Disc 25

Blacke's Magic


"Revenge of the Esperanza"

Blacke's Magic


(Cuts Off)



Disc 26

The Magic Show  
  Robert Harbin - Zig Zag
Tonight Show with Jay Leno


David Copperfield
  • Squeeze Box
  • Interview
Simon Drake

(Low Quality)

Simon Drake
Siegfried & Roy Spoof

(End Cut Off)

Robbin Williams

Billy Crystal

Live & In Person Urangutan Magic

Siegfried & Roy

Excerpt from Frontier Casino Show Siegfried & Roy
Entertainment Tonight Siegfried & Roy
Boston Pops Penn & Teller
  • Exposed Sawing
  • Strait Jacket Escape
  • Crossbow/Musical Chairs
  • Video Game to Music
  • Vanishing Scarf


Disc 27

Mandrake - Canadian TV  
Magic Palace Patrick Page
??? Candelabra Suspension
Magic Palace Paul Harris - Cards
Magic Palace Mike Caveney
  • Bottle Production
  • Arm Juggling
??? Le Grand David
Magic Palace ???
Magic Palace Ron Wilson
Dick Cavett Show Slydini
Tonight Show with Johnny Carson Otto Wesley
In Search of Houdini's Secrets  
Harry Anderson Harry Anderson
  • Cigarette Production
  • Needle Through Arm

Disc 28

Joe Labiero Joe Labiero
Wonderful World of Magic Bill Bixby
Lee Edwards Lee Edwards


Disc 29

Magic Convention Hans Klok
  • Crystal Casket
  • Sub Trunk - Metamorphosis
  • Sword Box
  • Girl Vanish
Magic Convention ???

??? - Unusual Performance Art


  • Early Kub Zag
  • Zig Zag
  • Ring Illusion


  • Jumping Knots of Pakistan
  • Prediction Trick

??? - Run Rabbit Run

Pavel - Rope Trick

??? - Levitation on Fan

??? - ???

Greg Wilson

  • Spiker
  • Clear Swordbox / Metamorphosis


  • Girl in Balloon
  • Broom Suspension
  • Asrah
  • Reappearance

??? - Cigarette & Card Manip


  • Zombie
  • Crystal Casket
  • Pole Levitation
  • Janet Box

Close Up Magicians

  • Cards
  • Dice Stacking


Lennart Green

??? - Fire Matrix


Eric De Camps - Cups & Balls

John Carney

You Asked For It Guy in Shorts with Silk
Larry Wilson at the Magic Castle  
That's Incredible Barclay Shaw - Levitation
The 5 Morning Exchange Dr. Lovecraft


Disc 30

Tomorrow with John Snyder Mark Wilson

Walter Gibson

Dai Vernon

Diana Zimmerman

Nickelodeon - Against the Odds P.T. Barnum
All-Star TGIF Magic - May 1997

Hosted by Caroline Rhea

Cabinet of Curiosity

Ladder Division

Duck Production

Shadow Box

Comedy Predictions


Double Sawing

Mirror Penetration


Cut & Restored Tie

Assistant's Revenge

Disappearing Glass of Milk

Pole Levitation



Crystal Box

Blooming Rose Bush

Viva Variety Tom Mullica


Disc 31

Blacke's Magic - 2/12/1986 Vanishing Act
Blacke's Magic - 2/19/1986 Prisoner of Paradise


Disc 32

Blacke's Magic - Forced Landing  
Blacke's Magic - Last Flight From Moscow  


Disc 33

World's Greatest Magic - 1 Princess Tenko - Water Escape

Mac King - Head In Paper Bag

Pendragons - Sub Trunk


  • Card Trick
  • Card Trick Explanation

Max Maven - Denmark, Grey, Elephant

Greg Frewin - Famous Dove Act

Siegfried & Roy - No Magic

Fielding West - Rising Tie Floating Lady

Charlotte Pendragon - Vanishing Cup

Jonathan Pendragon  - Explanation

Lance Burton - Sword Fight

Mac King - Straw

Juan Tamariz - Cards & Little Car

Bill Malone

  • Coin On Head
  • Coin On Head Explanation

Topas Classic Act - Bells, Sunglasses, Wands

Tom Mullica - Cigarette Act

Mac King  -Neck Cracking

Brett Daniels - Card Macaw, Appearing - Floating - And Vanishing Lady

Tom Mullica

  • Cut & Restored Handkerchief
  • Explanation

Melinda - Zombie

Pendragons - Interlude

Max Maven - Touch The Screen - Famous People

Bill Malone - Sam The Bellhop

Fielding West

  • Coin Vanish
  • Explanation

Alain Choquette - Gypsy Thread

Franz Harary - Space Shuttle Vanish

Local TV - Houston, TX  
The Comedy Shop Thompsoni - Mind Routine
Local TV - Texas Walter Zany Blaney
  • Sawing
  • Sword Box
The Comedy Shop Thompsoni
Rich Little Mark Wilson


Disc 34

Doug Henning's World of Magic  
Like Magic  
PM Magazine: Colon Michigan - Magic Capital of the World  
Aubrey - Follow the Balls  


Disc 35

TLC - The Science of Magic  
Comedy Central Amazing Jonathan with Psychic Tanya
David Blaine - Frozen in Time - ABC David Blaine
Magic Mishap (Bad Tracking) Magician Catches on Fire


Disc 36

David Blaine - Street Magic David Blaine
Knight Rider Lance Burton
Dick Clark Mr. Escape Steve Baker - Underwater Chain Escape

Max Maven - Audience Card Prediction

That's Incredible Franz Harary - Helicopter Appearance
Unknown Chenkai
Smothers Brothers Fielding West
  • Bob the Bird
  • Appearing Cane
  • Tiger

Tom Notty - Bubble Magic

Ed Alonzo - Twister

Yoyo Man

Michael Davis - Song

Late Show with David Letterman Penn & Teller
  • Contact Lenses - Card on Eyeballs
  • TV Magic, Backwards Masking
Larry King Show David Copperfield - Interview - Talking about Special #11


Disc 37

Siegfried & Roy - Superstars of Magic

NBC Special Filmed at the Stardust Hotel

Hosted by Lorne Green and Jane Kennedy

Magic at the Roxy - 1975

Filmed in Pittsburgh

Host is Peter Graves

Shimada - Manip Act

David Copperfield

  • Backstage Illusion
  • Dancing Cane
  • Aga Levitation
  • Girl to Sheep Dogs

Carl Ballantine - Comedy Magic

Amazing Randi - Milk Can Escape


  • Doll House
  • Sword Basket
  • Sub Trunk (Metamorphosis)

Richard Ross - Rings, Balls, Pocket Watches

Merv Griffin in Las Vegas Goldfinger & Dove - Card Productions, Flowers, Boquets, Birds, Card Castle
Howie Mandel Show Ed Alonzo
  • Invisible Elephant
  • Strait Jacket Escape with Duck
Americas Funniest Home Videos Cups and Balls
Showtime at the Apollo Ed Alonzo
  • Hokey Pokey with Rabbit
  • Knife Through Arm


Disc 38

Magic's Biggest Secrets Revealed 2 Crushing a Girl

Girl Transposition

Girl Demonstrating Super Strength

Silk Vanish from Crystal Tube

Walking Through Wall

Suit of Armor to Real Knight

Shooting a Ribbon Through Girl

Triple Alliance Switch in Cabinet

Nightclub Vanish of Doves

Swords in Mirrored Head Box

Upside-down Water Escape

FOX TV at Tannen's Magic Tony Spina & Kamarr
Paul Daniels Show - 1984 Torn and Restored Magazine - Sucker Effect

Color Control with Cards and Audience Member

Arturo Severa - Tightwire Act

Box Descends through Sheet of Plexiglass Illusion

Dick Franco - Juggling

Key-r-rect Trick with Rolls Royce

Spanish TV Chuck Jones
  • Early Imaplement
  • Sucker Egg Trick
  • Eye of the Needle with Barrels
  • Sub Trunk with 2nd Plexiglass Barrel
  • Asrah Levitation
  • Jan Jones Reappears in Crystal Chamber

Vince Bruce - Lassos and Whips

Tonight Show with Jay Leno Dominoes on Pool Table
Tonight Show with Johnny Carson George Carl


Disc 39

Silvan TV Magic Vanished Scarf - 20th Century Bra

Backstage with the Magician

Gorilla and Magician Transposition

Padlock on Champagne Glass

Stretcher Illusion that also Divides

Perpetual Banana Production

Torn and Restored Paper Money

Tip-Over Box Produces Silvan

Silvan Changes places with Robbed Assistant in Escape

Thin Sawing with Buzz Saw

Cigarette Manipulation with Vanish in Cellophane

Lady to Child Transposition

child to Lady Transposition

Cut and Restored Shoelace

Burning String to Pearls

Girls in Cages Change Places

Both turn into Tiger and Leopard

Boomerang Card

Four Ace Trick

Areal Fishing

Aquarium Fills with Fish

Girls Appear in Aquarium

Talk Show Interview

Bill is Transformed into Larger Denomination

Bill is Ripped and Restored

Host Signs a Handkerchief that Vanishes

Handkerchief Appears in Wrapped Apple in Bag

Silvan Revue Show

Backstage with Magician

Girl without a Middle

Lion's Bride

Levitation from Stool - Aga

Center Cut Illusion

Cremation Transposition

Broom Suspension


Disc 40

Doug Henning #2 - 1976 - Hosted by Michael Landon  
Doug Henning #3 - 1977 - Hosted by Glenn Campbell  
Entertainment Tonight Rudy Coby
Merv Griffin Tom & Sherry
Tonight Show with Johnny Carson Lance Burton


Disc 41

Hocus Pocus - It's Magic - 1978

Filmed at Ed Sullivan Theater, NY

Hosted by Dick Cavett

Dick Cavett
  • Cut & Restored Rope
  • Silk Through Ring

Mark Wilson

  • Stack of Boxes
  • Alakazam Railroad - Unique Sawing
  • Backstage Illusion
  • Mark Wilson 4 Ace Trick
  • Disembodied Princess

Siegfried & Roy at the MGM - Sub Trunk (Metamorphosis) into Lion's Bride Illusion

The Great Tomsoni - Dove Act

Harry Blackstone Jr.

  • Vanishing Birdcage
  • Light Bulbs Through Girl
  • Card Trick with Audience Members

Greg Wilson and Shelly Bruce - Annie

  • Doll House
  • Billiard Balls

Mark Wilson - Vanishing Auto - Cargo Net

Slydini -

  • Coins Through Table
  • Silk Fountain

Blackstone - Buzz Saw Illusion

Sally Jesse Rafel - 1 Jeff McBride - Masks

Ricky Jay - Cards

Max Maven - Mentalism


Sally Jesse Rafel - 2 Jeff McBride - Snowstorm in China

Ricky Jay - Cards

Max Maven - Mentalism


Disc 42

Abracadabra, It's Magic

HBO Special - 1979

Hosted by Dick Cavett

Mark Wilson
  • Double Crystal Box Production of Nani and 2 Dancers
  • World's Largest Card Trick - Dividing Nani into Fourths
  • Sub Trunk - Three People Finale

Paul Fidler

  • Birds
  • Tiki Suspension
  • Haunted Hank
  • Dollhouse Illusion

Dominique - Pickpocket

Hans Panter - Sword Box

Dai Vernon - Cups and Balls


  • Parasols
  • Masks
  • Dragon

Mark Wilson - Alice Through Looking Glass

HBO Magic Moments - 1983 Karrell Fox
  • Ropes
  • Linking Rings
  • 6 Card Repeat
  • Blank Bills

Darwin Ortiz

  • Four Ace Trick
  • Palming cards
  • Deuces Wild
  • Blue and Red Backed Cards

Michael Weber

  • Three Shell Game
  • Rubik's Cube
  • Ship in the Bottle
  • The Cannibill


  • The Chameleon Illusion


Disc 43

The Great Magic of Las Vegas - Family Channel - 1995 Valentino - Cards & Birds

Kevin James - Dismembered Hand

Loren Michaels - Finger Ring and Shoelace

Kevin James - Snow Stool

Valentino - Scarves, Birds, Duck Production

Kevin James and Antonio - Broom Suspension

Greg Frewin - Manipulation with Birds

Arian Black - Appears in a Glass Drum

Mike Michaels - Toy Shop

Larry Jennings - Oil and Water Card Trick

Greg Frewin - Birds, Juggling, Cage to Alanna

Arial Black - Cub Zag with One Box

Professor Bubbles

Greg Frewin - Shrouded Metamorphosis

Mike Michaels - Mechanical Man

Greg Frewin - Origami

Caesar's Palace 30th Anniversary Celebration Caesar's Magical Empire - Montage of WGM Magicians

Penn & Teller

Joan Rivers Siegfried & Roy - Thin Sawing

Barclay Shaw

Fame and Fortune Doug Henning
Tonight Show with Johnny Carson Doug Henning
  • Cane Cabinet
  • Sliding Knot
  • Feather through Quarter
  • Coin in Matchbook
Regis Jeff McBride
  • Masks
  • Bill Switch
  • Snowstorm
David Letterman Penn & Teller - Cockroaches
HBO Magic Moments - Hosted by Dick Cavett Darrel
  • Jumping Knot of Pakistan
  • Business Cards
  • Roger Klaus - Five Coin Trick


Disc 44

Jonathan Winters Magic & Comedy Special - Showtime - December 1990 Pat Hazell

Raspini Brothers

Johnny Fox - Sword Swallowing

The Pendragons

  • Fire Cage
  • Levitation
  • Impalement
  • Metamorphosis
Ed Sullivan Show Fred Kaps
  • Red and Black Cards
  • Salt Pour
David Letterman Tom Mullica
Tony Awards Merlin Excerpt - Doug Henning
Merv Griffin Merlin Cast - Double Sawing
Best of Magic - BBC Channing Pollock - Old Footage

Arturo - Quick Change Artist

Book Page Tear

Max Maven - Suggestion Exercises

Hans Moretti - Russian Roulette

John Calvert

  • Bowl of Water Vanish
  • Cigarette Manipulation
HBO Magic Moments David Roth
  • Purse, Coins, Glass
  • Bagless Purse, Portable Hole


Disc 45

David Copperfield VII - 1985

Hosted by Angie Dickenson

Guest Star - Peggy Flemming

Mirror Tube

Elephant Production

Webster the Mind-Reading Duck

Famous aStar Prediction - Baby Photo Gag

Webster the Duck Finds a card by Ripping it from Newspaper

Attic Scene - Girl from Painting

Girl turns back to Lady; David turns into Old Man

Sucker Duck Box with boy from Audience

Psycho Vignette

Let's Burn a Deal - Game Show Spoof

Boy and Father Vignette - Baseball

Bat Vanish Appears on Boy's Back

Comedy Levitation

Asrah of Boy and Reappearance on Table

Cargo Net Vanish of Father Appear in Cans

Cycle Appearance from Movie

The Magic and Comedy Hour - 1984

Starring Dick Van Dyke

Twin Crystal  Casket Productions

Dick from Giant Playing Cards

Mark Wilson - Girl without a Middle

Jay Johnson - Floating Head

Montage of Greg Wilson Growing Up

Greg Wilson - 3 Ring Routine

Dick & Greg - Find the Ace

Tina Lenert - Living Doll

Jay Johnson sings Opera

Dick turns Jay into Woman

Marks Wilson

  • Girl Through Glass
  • Sucker Egg Trick
  • Excalibur Sword Box
  • Cannon Illusion with Dick
Joan Rivers Show David Copperfield - Blaney Suspension
Atlantic City March of Dimes The great Tomsoni - Dove Act
HBO Magic Moments - 1983 David Roth
  • Pill Box with Coins
  • Three Card Monte

Albert Goshman

  • Magic Box with Bottle Caps
  • Bagel and Balls
  • Salt and Pepper Shakers


Disc 46

New York Magic Symposium on Japan TV - 1687 Jeff McBride - Water Bowls

JEff Shewridan - Cards

Tempest and Cottet - Voodoo Doll Card Trick

Rudy Coby - Leg Routine

Finn John

  • Silk and Card
  • Helicopter Card,
  • Cigar
  • Bubbles


  • Fire Cage
  • Blammo to Dog
  • Sword Basket
  • Impalement
  • Metamorphosis

Schoolroom Scene - Kids put teacher into tubes illusion

Antonio Hoyas - Balloon to Doves to Large Clock

Street Magic - Water Control in Coke Bottle

Flame Juggler on Unicycle

Ice McDonald

  • Floating Cigarette and Match
  • Dove work
  • Tail Vanish
  • Streamers from Screen to Whit Cat

Two Guys doing Unique Suspension


  • Oriental Fan Routine
  • Costume Change

Rocco - Cigarettes on a Ferry

Club Passing with Two Guys and a Girl

Peter Samelson

  • Mask Routine
  • Spirit Sceance
  • Newspaper Transposition with Production
  • Snowstorm in China

Vito Lupo - Perrot Act

Daryl - Rope Tricks on a Ferry

Cheistopher Hart

  • Flaming Hands
  • Card Manipulation
  • Torn and Restored Sheet Music


  • Roses to Cape
  • Magic Color Painting
  • Blooming Rose Bouquet
Good Morning America Siegfried and Roy - Orange, Lemon, Egg, Canary
Good Morning America Penn and Teller
Entertainment Tonight Berocini Animal Abuse News
David Letterman Kamarr
Larry King Publicist, Candace Fuhrman - Houdini
Rick Dees Show Mark Kornhauser
HBO Magic Moments David Roth
  • Bagless Purse
  • Portable Hole


Disc 47
Not Available

Doug Henning #1 - Dec. 1975  
Doug Henning #4 - April 1979  


Disc 48

Houdini Movie

 - Sally Struthers

- Paul Michael Blazer

Mark Wilson Alarm Clock Vanish

Nani from Giant Clock

Haunted House Transpo

Scarves off Ribbon

Rubber Duck to Duck

Price Tag Off String

Burnt Bill to Lemon


Disc 49

Magic of ABC - David Copperfield - 1977 Appearing TV

Card Productions

Jumbo Cards to Person

Psycho Vignette

Sawing Transpo

Backstage Illusion

Orange Lemon Egg Canary (OLEC)

Ladder Appearance to Levitation

Japan TV Chuck Jones
  • Jan Appearance
  • Mismade Lady
  • Suspension to Impalement
  • Cargo Net to Crystal Casket

Otto Wesley - Razor Blades

kohl & Co.

Magic Waiter

Marotti - PAper Tree Suspension

Regis & Kathy Lee Franz Harary
  • Underwater Silk Production/Vanish
  • Janet Box
Ice Capades Steve Wheeler

Circus Dog Act

Donny La Colme

Tonight Show Siegfried & Roy
Joan Rivers - 1987 Doug Henning
  • Pole Levitation
  • $100 Bill Switch
  • Jumbo Card Warp


Disc 50

The Story of Magic

Mystery in America - 1997

Hosted by Ricky Jay you and

T.A. Waters

Eugene Burger


Christian Fechtner

Edwin Dawes

Patrick Cilliton

William H. Mc Kiliny


Mike Caveney

Carter the Great - Charles Carter

Nicola - Beginning of the 50 Milers

John C. Green

Gus Rapp

Willard the Wizard - Harry Willard

Professor Pearlman

Mandrake the Magician

Siegfried and Roy

Harry Kellar


John A McKivermen


Moy-io Miller

Blackstone Sr.

Goerge Johnstone

Dan Waldron

Gerrie Larsen - The Magic Lady

Milbourne Christopher

Mark Wilson

Doug Henning

Elizabeth Warlock

Alan Wakeling

Ricky Jay

Blackstone Jr.

David Copperfield

Lance Burton

Servais Leroy 

Sin City Spectacular with Penn and Teller Strait Jacket Escape

Marina Sertes - Card on Nose

Dan Horn - Ventriloquist

Lance Burton - Dove Act

Mike Berell - Ocular Lactationist - Milk from Tear Ducts

Bernie Yuman Siegfried and Roy
Jerry Lewis Telethon Joseph Gabriel - Orange, Lemon, Egg, Canary (OLEC) 1988
Alice Cooper in Concert Alice Cooper - Microphone Stand Impalement

Giant Monster Constructed then Comes to Life

Bloopers and Practical Jokes Practical Joke Played on David Copperfield
The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson Michael Ammar
  • Topit with Ball
  • Floating Dollar Bill
  • Reboxed Cards
  • Card Magic
Late Show with David Letterman Kamarr
  • Doves to Rabbit
  • Bloody Sawing



Disc 51

New Vaudevillians 3

Hosted by Harry Anderson

Tempest and Cottet

George Carl

Raspini Brothers

The Rhythm Brothers

Turk Pipkin - Devil Sticks Juggling

Vito Lupo - Sponge Balls

Marimba on Pans

Fly by Night (Michael Goudeau)

  • Six-Foot Unicycle
  • Pick Pocketing
  • Torch Juggling

Dick Winslow - One Arm Band

T.C. Tahoe - Linking Rings

Nancy Joberto - Rolla Bolla

Take Six - Acapella

Marty Polio

  • 3 Ball Juggling
  • Hat Juggling/Mime

Mike Caveney - Knife Through Jacket

Larry Wilson - Backstage Illusion

Robert Shields - Mechanical Man

Bill Irwin

Philadelphia News Penn and Teller Interview
Super Bowl 23

Half-Time Magic Extravaganza


Jukebox Appearance

Card Castle Appearance

Giant Card Under Seat

Broom Suspension


Jukebox Vanish with Reappearance on Motorcycle

Today Show Penn and Teller - Contact Lenses
Late Show with David Letterman Penn and Teller
  • Beans From Eyes
  • Bean Bullet Catch
Larry King Penn and Teller
Cosby Carl Ballantine
Regis The Great Thomsoni - Johnny Thompson
  • Dove Production
  • Dove Tail Vanish
  • Dove from Cellophane
  • Egg Bag


Disc 52

David Copperfield 14

Flying - Live the Dream - 1992

Special Guest James Earl Jones


Elevator Appearance


graffiti wall protection

Horizontal Shrink

Geometric Shape Appears in Ink on Pie Pan

Orson Welles card trick

Touch the Screen Type Prediction .


The Late Show with David Letterman Kamarr
  • Pistol Fires Scarf to Candle
  • Fleeting Wallet
  • Ropes through David
David Copperfield 15

Fires of Passion

Special Guest Wayne Gretzky


Aerial Metamorphosis

Ring Flight to Baby Shoe

Blueprint Illusion

Torn and Restored Baseball Card

Produce a Girl from Cloth

Vertical Asrah

Jumbo Psychic

Touch the Screen Prediction

Straitjacket Escape

Lou Rawls Parade of the Stars Pendragons - Sword Suspension
Disney Ed Alonzo
  • Duck Vanish

  • Duck in Balloon

  • Duck to Girl

  • Elephant Production

  David Avadon -  Pickpocket

Magic Wallets


Disc 53

The Magic of Mark Wilson featuring Greg Wilson Stratosphere

Handkerchief to Bottle

The Magic of Mark Wilson featuring Greg Wilson Color-Changing Rope

Handkerchief to Clear Box


Color-changing Clear Dice

20th Century Silk

Multiplying Milk

Adhero Pencil

Aces and Queens Card Trick

Coin Matrix

Flipping Kings

Quarter Through Paper Hole

Silk in Egg

Nickel and Dime Bet

Chinese Coin on String

Serpent Silk

Silk Through Sword

Spiker Box

The Magic of Mark Wilson featuring Greg Wilson Poster Production

Asrah to Crystal Casket

Coin Puzzle

Blank Deck

Chop Cup with Cup Through Table

Think a Drink

Silks and Dove from Funnel

Pencil Bet

Squeeze Blocks

Rounding a Dice

Double Rope Trick

Jumbo Rising Cards to Fountain

Blow Over a Book

Doves from Tri-fold Screen (Temple Screen)

Dove Through Glass

Birds from Nowhere

Vanishing Dove Cage

The Magic of Mark Wilson featuring Greg Wilson Doll House Illusion

Mutilated Parasol

Toothpick Puzzle

Multiplying Billiard Balls

Dueling Ropes

Ropes in Paper Bag

Weller Egg

Jumping Ping-Pong Ball Bet

Card Fans to Card Castle

Find the Queen

Card Fans to Flag

Spot on Slate

Sponge Cubes and Bowl

Coin Triangle Puzzle

Sub-Trunk (Metamorphosis)

The Magic of Mark Wilson featuring Greg Wilson Doves on Sword Production

Doves to Rabbit

Choo-Choo Sawing

Silk in Balloon

3 Balloon Comedy Tray

Forgetful Freddie

Card Puzzle

Block off Rope

Vanishing ABC Block

Block Through Glass

Boiled Egg, Raw Egg

Calling the Aces in Glass

Printing Dollars

Color-Changing Knife

Toothpick House Puzzle

Assistant's Revenge

Tales from the Dark Side "Levitation"


Disc 54

Blacke's Magic 5/7/86 Wax Poetic
Blacke's Magic 6/11/86  
Live From Planet Earth Ed Alonzo
  • Take-Apart Duck Vanish
  • Metamorphosis (Sub Trunk)

Bobby McFarren

Vito Lupo - Pierot Act

  • Spong Balls
  • Snowstorm in China

Flying Karamazo Brothers

Emmy Awards Penn and Teller


Disc 55

David Copperfield 10

The Bermuda Triangle

Death Saw

Spirit Séance with Sunglasses and Wig

Vanishing Feet

Coal to Diamond

Sucker Duck Transpo with Webster

Poultry in Motion

Floating Match

Duck and Chicken Production

Bermuda Triangle

David Copperfield 11

Explosive Encounter


Guest is Emma Samms

Shadow Box Production of David on Motorcycle

Dancing Necktie

Divination of Girl's Phone Number

Origami Illusion

Telekinesis - Matches, Crow Bar, Lightbulb

Pole Levitation


$100 Bill Switch

Linking and Unlinking Rubber Bands (Crazy Man's Handcuffs)

Escape from a Demolished Building

Houdini Never Died Houdini Strait Jacket

Becky Blaney - Fire Pan to Rabbit

Monk Watson

Bill McQweene - Street Magic Thumb Tip

John and Betty Todman - Broom Suspension

Monk Watson - Rope

Dai Vernon - Ball and Wand

Doug Henning

Dai Vernon - Coin Magic


  • Dove on Cane Appearance
  • Fire Glove to Dove
  • Dove Tail Vanish

Street Magic

Houdini Movie Footage

Walter Gibson - Talks about Water Torture Cell

Amazing Randi - Strait Jacket Escape


Disc 56

World's Greatest Magic III - NBC - Nov. 1996

Brett Daniels - Car Production

Intro - John Ritter 

Hans Klok

  • Flambé

  • Dekolta Chair
  • Crystal Casket

Mac King -

  • Card Trick

  • Explanation

Joseph Gabriel - Box Escape

Michael Finney - Card On Forehead

Mystery Magician - Hands 

Galina - Floating Ball

Mac King

  • Teach a Trick

  • Explanation

Nathan Burton - Toilet

Mystery Magician - Hands 

Steve Wyrick - Airplane

Jean Pierre Vallerino - Incredible Close-Up

Dirk Arthur - Big Cats

Mac King

  • Teach-a-Trick

  • Explanation

Bob Arno - Pick Pocket

Brett Daniels - Cutting In Two

Mystery Magician - Hands 

David Williamson - Cups & Balls

Mac King 

  • Teach-a-Trick

  • Explanation

Hans Klok - Moving Head

Peter Marvey - Manipulation

Mac King 

  • Teach-a-Trick

  • Explanation

Pendragons - Vanishing Showgirls

HBO Magic Moments Roger Klause
  • 4 Coin Trick
  • Face Value - Upside Down
  • Sleeve Ball

Paul Gertner

  • Marked Cards
  • Trick with a Stick
  • Ace of Coins
  • Steel Balls

Bob Reed

  • Hanky Panky with Bottle
  • Knife Through Coat
  • Bubble Up

David Roth


Disc 57

The Story of Magic - Centuries of Deception

A&E - Hosted By Ricky Jay

Produced by Jim Steinmeyer

(with Commercials)

Omar Pasha

Johnny Gaughan

Christian Fechter

Dai Vernon

Doug Henning

Tina Lenert

Bob Read

Mike Caveney

Edwin Dawes

Eugene Burger

Geroges Proust

Lance Burton

Siegfried & Roy

Magia, El Gran Tihany


(Poor Tracking)



Disc 58

Late Show with David Letterman Penn & Teller
Don't Try This at Home Penn & Teller
Regis Penn & Teller
Cruel Trick for Dear Friends Penn & Teller


Disc 59

Sea World - Summer Night Magic - 1990

Host Ann Jillian

Denny Lacombe - Comedy Orchestra Conductor

Franz Harary - Vanishing and Reappearing Water Ski Team

Ben Vereen - Story

Franz Harary - Vanish of Ann Jillian

The Magic of David Copperfield VI

Grand Canyon

Host: Ricardo Montalban

Guest Stars Bonnie Tyler & Heather Thomas

(Needs Fixing)

Floats over Grand Canyon

Zig-Zag Giraffe

Vignette with Girl - Parakeet Production

Parakeets to Dog

Boy from Cardboard Box

Polaroid Photo Prediction with 2 Children

Phone Booth Vanish

Coloring Book with Magazine

Girl to Ruth Buzzy

Photo to Poster

Reappearance from Luggage Dolly

Jumping Rubber Band

project Magic Background

Duck Bucket with Vanish

(Fix Here)

Water Escape

Good Morning America David Copperfield Interview
TV's Bloopers and Practical Jokes

Steve Daccri

Steve Daccri


Late Show with David Letterman Kamarr
  • Fire to Giant Cards
  • Balloon to Cane
  • Birds
  • Burning Bill in Lemon
Jerry Lewis Telethon - Montreal


Ronald McDonald

Ted Outerbridge

  • Linking Rings
  • Metamorphosis


Disc 60

The Secret Cabaret Simon Drake

Ricky Jay


Disc 61

David Copperfield XVI

Unexplained Forces

Siegfried & Roy - The Magic, The Mystery  
Captain Kangaroo Doug Henning
  • Cut & Restored Rope
  • Tissle Tossle Ping Pong Balls
  • Sucker Napkin Tear
  • Coin Vanish
  • Doves to Rabbit
Dick Clark Presents Melinda (23 years old)
  • Birds
  • Quick Change with Macaw Production
  • Vanish from Box, Reappears from Audience
  • Escape from Box

Steve Baker - Rope on Wrist Escape

Larry Wilson - Comedy Cutting


Disc 62

World's Wildest Magic - NBC  
Dick Clark Presents - 1988 Karlton
  • Girls Transpo
  • Tip-Over Box
  • Leopard
  • Triple Alliance

Johnny Ace Palmer

  • Opener with Bottle
  • Thimbles
  • Cups & Balls with Chicks Finale
  • Close-Up Dove Production
Variety Tonight Mike Carbone - Rabbit Puppet with Card Trick
Regis Philbin Steve Dacri
  • Sponge Balls
  • Card in Mouth
  • Sawing Head
Comic Strip Live Mac King
Late Show with David Letterman Kamarr
  • Cane to Torches
  • Dove Pan
  • Doves to Rabbit
AT&T Commercial Vito Lupo
The Magicians - Magic and the Early Cinema

Douglas Fairbanks



Disc 63

The Home Box Office Magic Show

Host - Dick Cavett

Comic Strip Live Mac King
  Judy Carter
CBS Morning Mews Doug Henning - Interview
  Meir Yedid
Tonight Show with Johnny Carson Michael Ammar
I Love Lucy Orson Wells
Late Show with David Letterman Kamarr


Disc 64

NY Magic Symposium 1987

on Japanese TV

Japanese Comedy Magic Fest 1987  
Comedy Magic Gag Corner - Japanese  
I love Lucy Orson Welles - Broom Suspension
Late Show with David Letterman Kamarr
Incredible Sunday Don Alan
  • Chop Cup
  • Coins
  • Nut Finale


Disc 65

World's Greatest Magic 1  
A Current Affair David Copperfield & Claudia Schiffer
Jerry Lewis Telethon Blackstone Jr.
  • Birdcage
  • Bow Sawing
  • Backstage
Late Show with David Letterman Penn & Teller - Rat Traps Roulette
Blair Marshall  


Disc 66

Secrets of Levitation - Discovery Special  
Beyond Bizarre - 1998  
Improv Kozak
Improv Fielding West
Show with John Candy Amazing Jonathan
One Night Stand - 1989 Bob Nelson
Comedy Shop - 1978 Gallagher


Disc 67

David Copperfield - 15 Years of Magic

with Claudia Schiffer

Incredible Sunday Kreskin
Tonight Show with Johnny Carson Brian Gillis
  • Sponge Balls
  • Bill in Sugar Packet
  • Cards
Smothers Brothers Ed Alonzo
  • Where did the Duck Go?
  • Balloon to Duck
  • Blammo Box
Incredible Sunday Napoleons - World Record - 50 tricks in 4 minutes
Entertainment Tonight Paul Osborne - Amusement Parks


Disc 68

Columbo Columbo Goes to the Guillotine
Siegfried & Roy - Home in Las Vegas Aerial Tiger Vanish & Turns into Roy


Mary Hart Sawn in Half

Bobbie Bevocini

Splash - Jeff Kutash

Max Maven

Night Life with David Brenner Jeff Mcbride


Disc 69

Hello Sucker with Harry Anderson Harry Anderson
Jim Rhodes Side Show  
Nightmare from Magic Land  


Disc 70

World's Most Dangerous Magic

(Minor Tracking)

Tony Clark - Escapes from Oncoming Car

Margo Willard - Rat Escape

Anthony Reed - Water Sub

Gary Kurtz

Dean Gunnerson - Alligator Escape

Dateline with Stone Philips

(Minor Tracking)

Penn & Teller
Champions of Magic II - Princess Stephanie with Bronson Pinchot

(Minor Tracking)

Brett Daniels - Cutter

David Williamson


Luis De Matos - Underwater Magic


Hans Klok & Sita - Fire & Spikes

Dave Williamson - Autograph Off

Brett Daniels - Billard Ball Manipulation

Jeff McBride - Fire Escape

Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous & Other Appearances Franz Harary


Disc 71

FISM 1997 - Japan TV David & Diana - Quick Change

Luis De Matos - Mirror Penetration

Peter Marvey - Shrink

Dani Lary

Jonathan David Bass - Dove Act

David - Manip Acts

Die Zauderer

Sonny Fontana

Hans Klok & Sittah - Spiker

Gaston Quieto - Close-Up

John Carney - Portable Hole


Christopher Hart - Glove

Marco Beltempo - Flower Productions

Tom Voss - Sawing in Half Vanish

Marko Tondo - Card Manip

Eugene Burger - Card Warp

Tomohiro Maeda

Koichi Sugaya

Akiyoshi  Fujimoto

Kazu & Maya

Yigal Mesika

Peter Marvey

Franklin - Lollipop

Marco Tempest

Johnny Lonn

Omar Pasha - Black Art

Steve Sheridan

Hiro Sakai

Manuel Muerte

Carlos Barragan - Interlude


Disc 72

The Magic if Guam - Rick Thomas Appearing Car

Appearing Bird Cage



Reappearance / Interlude

Slicer (Janet Box)

Linking Finger Rings



John Blaz

Ricky Brandon


Lion's Bride

Bird to Girl

Million Dollar Mystery

Lance Burton II - The Encounter UFO Production

Girls Production

Girls Vanish to Birds

Appearance from Painting

Classic Manip

Birds to Girl

Shoe Burner

Gramophone Illusion

Masquerade Segment

DaKolta Chair

Sword Fight

Danny Cole - Manip

Cane Box

Water Torture Cell Escape

Tonight Show with Johnny Carson Lance Burton - Instant Magician
Tales from the Crypt

(Minor Tracking)

Tales from the Crypt


Disc 73

Circus of the Stars - 1991

Hosts: Dixie Carter & Leslie Neilson



Disc 74

FISM 1985 - On Japan TV


Continued from Disc #96



Disc 75

The Magic of David Copperfield VIII - China  
Silvan Magic - Italian TV  
Late Show with David Letterman Penn & Teller
Later with Cindy Crawford Lance Burton


Disc 76

Circus of the Stars - 1989  


Disc 77

Cardini Cardini - Manipulation
Channing Pollock Channing Pollock
Old Home Movies

(Black & White)

Low Quality



Carl Ballantine

Blackstone, Sr.

Siegfried & Roy Siegfried & Roy - Bird Act
Tonight Show with Johnny Carson Lance Burton
  • Card Sword
  • Sword Fight
Arsenio Hall Show David Copperfield
  • Slicer - Janet Box with Joanie Spina
  • Interview (about cutting his finger off)
Biography Showstoppers - A&E - 1989 David Copperfield
Letterman in Vegas Hans Pantar - Crossbow Act

Rip Taylor

Uri Geller - Interview with Louie Anderson

Karlton - Triple Alliance

Wally Eastwood


Disc 78

BBC - Best of Magic

(some fuzziness on top of screen)

Pendragons - Interlude

Lisa Magic - Card in Shoe

Kohl & Company


  • Artist Dream
  • Thing that Go Bump in the Night

David Berglar

  • Mental Game
  • Pulse Control

Norm Neilsen - Music Mask

Tom Mullica

Arturo - Quick Change

Jeff McBride - Masks

David Berglar - Floating Table

Vic & Fabrini

David Williamson


Circus Act - Rabbits, Fox, Monkey, Minks

Billy McComb

Scorcar - X-Ray Eyes

Mark Wilson - Choo Choo Sawing

Kenichi Karoke - Close Up - Glove, Mirror

Omar Pasha - Black Art

Max Maven


Mark Wilson

  • Spiker
  • Alice Through Looking Glass
  • Cutting in 4's


Disc 79

Penn & Teller's Invisible Thread - Showtime 1986

(Recorded from TV set)

Penn & Teller
Japan TV Johnny Ace Palmer - FISM Act
Tonoght Show (Host - Gary Shandling) The Great Tomsoni
Paul Daniels Paul Daniels - Brick Escape
The Magic of Mark Wilson #6 Mark Wilson

Mark Wilson

Book of Life

Vanishing Cane in Newspaper

Color-Changing Hanks in Bags

Knott Off Rope

Re-Appearing Cane

Mouse from Confettti Bowl

Coils to Dove

Paper to Bills

Milk to Light bulb

Six Puzzle

Professor's Nightmare

Linking Ropes

Boomerang Optical Illusion


Bill in Glass Puzzle

Upside-Down Glass

Sponge Balls

The Magic of Mark Wilson #7

Linking Safety Pins

Gypsy Thread

Thin Model Sawing

Jumbo Card Tricks

Vanishing Bowl of Water

Cut & Restored Ribbon

Rice Bowls

Coins in Hank

Cut & Restored Hank

Square Hole to Circle Newspaper


Disc 80

An Evening of Magic and Comedy

Host: Orson Bean

Judy Carter
  • Celery Magic
  • Torn and restored paper with tape
  • Toilet paper over head
  • Burned Bill
  • Saber Sawn in Half
  • Video prediction
  • Trash Can Escape with Transposition

Falkenstein & Willard

  • Added numbers prediction
  • Spirit Cabinet

Larry Wilson

  • Shadow Box
  • Weller Egg
  • Matching Card Prediction
  • Victory Carton Production
  • Cutting a Woman in Sixths
Bill Bixby  
Blackstone Half-Time Show  


Disc 81

Lance Burton: Master Magician - The Legend Begins Vanishing Elephants

Corvette Appearance

FISM Bird Act

Double Levitation

Interactive Card Trick

Girls from Suitcase

Sawing a Horse in Half

Eggs From Hat to Chicken

Penny Joke

Without a Middle

Gypsy Cloth Vanish

Floating Birdcage

Close Up Card Magic

Card in Glass

Diminishing Returns

Interactive Magic

Vanishing Corvette

Center Tear to Dove

Flydini on Carson Steve Martin
The Ricki Lake Show

(Minor Tracking)

Brett Daniels


Blaney Levitation

Late Show with David Letterman David Copperfield

Cocoon - Vertical Metamorphosis


Magic at Sea Greg Frewin

Bird Act


Table of Death

Close Up Card Trick

The Walking Knot

Shrouded Transposition

Interactive Magic

Candle Act




The Magic Act Red Skelton & Jerry Lewis


Disc 82

World's Greatest Magic V John Gabriel - Wireframe

Magic Unlimited

  • Rope Through Body
  • Modern Art

Hans Klok - Fan Penetration

Harry Anderson - Paper to a $20, and Interactive Masked Magician

Mike Caveney - Comedy Scissors Through Jacket

Mac King - Teach-a-Trick

Michael Ammar - Cups & Balls, and Cards

The Majestix - Pass through Solid Steel, and the Puzzler

Phelston Jones - Pyro Magic, Masks, and More

The Evasons - Psychics - Mentalism

John Gabriel - Levitation

Jim Passe - Paradox Sphere

Peter Gossamer & Hayley Taylor - Comedy Psychics (Mental Tele-Pathetic)

Goldfinger and Dove - Stage Monte

Brett Daniels - Grand Canyon

E True Hollywood Story Siegfried & Roy


Disc 83

Penn & Teller Go Public  
Lance Burton: Master Magician - Top Secret

Special #3

Japan TV Robert Baxt


Otto Wesley

Pendragons - Broom Suspension


Japanese Magician - Candles/Fire Magic

??? - Auto Broom Suspension

Jeff McBride - Masks


Disc 84

Columbo - Now You See It Great Santini
Incredible Sunday Napoleons - 40 Tricks in 4 Minutes
Late Show with David Letterman Vaudeville Performer

Whitney Roberts

Female Juggler

Desperately Seeking Susan Magic Segment
Magic of Mark Wilson 5 Sided Card

Card Trick

Dancing Hank


Disc 85

The Travel Channel - Destination America - Magic Roadtrip  
Animal Planet Showcase - Lance Burton's Guerilla Magic Ed Alonzo

Mac King - Gold Fish

Dr. Larry Volz

Doug Billingsby

Andrew Gold

Dana Daniels

Apollo & Jenna

Fielding West

Kevin James

Arian Black

Penn & Teller

Maria Gara (Snake Babe)

Paul Daniels Kevin James


Les Bub

Rudy Coby

Kenny Raskin

Tonight Show with Johnny Carson Paul Gertner


Disc 86

Perry Mason: The Case of the Glass Coffin

Magic Episode



Disc 87

NBC - Disney's Magic in the Magic Kingdom  
Late Show with David Letterman Kamarr
Harry Anderson's Sideshow - 1987  


Disc 88

A&E - Mondo Magic J.B Benn & Chris Korn


Disc 89

Houdini: Unlocking the Mystery  
Blind Date Murray Sawchuck
The Arsenio Hall Show Pendragons
  • Fire Cage
  • Sword Box
  • Impalement


Disc 90

Magician's Favorite Magicians

Hosted by Harry Anderson

Pendragons - Clearly Impossible

Rudy Coby - Leg Routine

Norm Neilsen

  • Coin Ladder
  • Violin Zombie

John Carney

  • Portable Hole
  • Chop Cup
  • Bill in Lemon

Hans Moretti - Handcuffs

David Williamson - Rocky Card Trick

Falkstein & Willard - Spirit Cabinet

Statler Brothers Invisible Inc
Day One David Copperfield
Thicke of the Night

Hosted by Alan Thicke

David Copperfield

Jeff Justis

  • Rocky Racoon
  • Silk  through Mic Stand
Japan TV Floating Table

Litre of Coke from Paper Bag

Ring Flight


Head Drop

Minti Magic with Brother/Sister

Floating Bill, Cracker, Sushi, Ring


Disc 91

World's Greatest Magic I

Princess Tenko - Water Escape

Mac King - Head In Paper Bag

Pendragons - Sub Trunk

Melinda - Card Trick

Melinda - Card Trick Explanation

Max Maven - Denmark, Grey, Elephant

Greg Frewin - Famous Dove Act

Siegfried & Roy - No Magic

Fielding West - Rising Tie, Floating Lady

Charlotte Pendragon - Vanishing Cup

Jonathan Pendragon - Explanation

Lance Burton - Sword Fight

Mac King - Straw

Juan Tamariz - Cards & Little Car

Bill Malone - Coin On Head

Bill Malone - Coin On Head Explanation

Topas - Classic Act - Bells, Sunglasses, Wands

Tom Mullica - Cigarette Act

Mac King - Neck Cracking

Brett Daniels - Card Macaw, Appearing - Floating - And Vanishing Lady

Tom Mullica - Cut & Restored Handkerchief

Tom Mullica - Explanation

Melinda - Zombie

Pendragons - Interlude

Max Maven - Touch The Screen - Famous People

Bill Malone - Sam The Bellhop

Fielding West - Coin Vanish

Fielding West - Explanation

Alain Choquette - Gypsy Thread

Franz Harary - Space Shuttle Vanish

Suzanne Sommers Harry Blackstone
  • Vanishing Bird Cage
  • $100 Bill Switch
  • Comedy Sawing with Suzanne
Johnny Carson Doug Henning
Johnny Carson Harry Anderson - Chapeaugraphy


Disc 92

Young Harry Houdini

Disney Movie



Disc 93

The Search for Haunted Hollywood

Live From Universal Studios

Marc Summers Mystical Magical Tour  
Merv Griffith Larry Clark - Knife Through Coat
INN Doug & Debbie Henning


Disc 94

The Search for Houdini

Hosted by William Shatner

Psychic Expression Amazing Randi
Nickelodeon Kreskin
Clint Holmes Show Jeff McBride
  • Water Bowls
  • Fire Eating


Disc 95

FISM 1997

Japanese TV

Polygram Promo Rudy Coby
Bill King Baltimore Banker - Collector of Magic
Siegfried & Roy - The Miracle


Siegfried & Roy


Disc 96

FISM 1985 - On Japan TV


Continued on Disc#74



Disc 97

Young Harry Houdini




Disc 98

The Life of the Party

Michael Davis

Michael Davis
Saturday Night Live Penn & Teller - Upside Down Trick
Ed Sullivan Show Fred Kaps
A Haunting We Will Go Dante
Carl Ballantine Carl Ballantine
Bozo 25th Anniversary Special Norm Neilsen
  • Coin Ladder
  • Violin
  • Floating Piano
Mr. Ed Blackstone Sr.

Dick Zimmerman - Ring on Rope

Johnny Carson George Carl

Penn & Teller - Strait Jacket - Casey at Bat

Ricky Jay

Mark Wilson Greg Wilson - Fraidy Cat Rabbit

Anden and his Poodles

Cut and Restored Rope

Card Stab

Ambitious Cards

Vanishing Alarm Clock


Disc 99

Paul Daniels  
National Geographic - On Assignment 1993

Colon, Michigan

Japanese TV  


Disc 100

The Oprah Winfrey Show David Copperfield
Tonight Show with Johnny Carson James Randi
The Magic of Mark Wilson  


Disc 101

Best of Magic Franz Harary
  • Helicopter Appearance
  • Twister

Eugene Berger

Sponge Balls


Arturo Bruchetti - Quick Change Act

Silk in Apple

Max Maven - Jukebox Prediction

Falkstein & Willard - Spirit Cabinet

Fin Jon - Smoke & Bubbles - Dancing Tie

David  Devant - Productions from Hat

Vanishing Flowers

Franz Harary

  • Lightbulbs through Girl
  • Janet Box
Best of Magic Pendragons
  • Fire Cage
  • Sword Box
  • Fire Pyramid

Dr. Sawa - Seashells

Arturo Bruchetti - Costumes

Tina Lenert

Psychic Slates

Max Maven - Planets

Arturo Bruchetti - Chapeaugraphy - Quick Change

Pendragons - Linking Finger Rings

Johnny Gaughan

Pendragons - Sub Trunk

Best of Magic Glass of milk from Paper

Hans Moretti - Paper Tree Suspension

Juan Tamariz - Cards


Disc 102

Johnny Carson   Joseph Gabriel - Bird Act
Matlock: The Magician  Impalement

Cameos by

  • Chuck Jones
  • Billy McComb
  • Dale Salwak
Disneyland's All Star Comedy Circus Bobby Berosini - Orangutans

Rudy Coby - Legs

Pans Pantar - Crossbow

Captain Zoom - Human Cannonball

Documentary Bernie Yuman
Jerry Lewis Telethon Joseph Gabriel - Orange, Lemon, Egg, Canary

Kohl & Company

Alice Cooper Microphone Through Waist

Robot Comes to Life

Incredible Sunday The Magic Napoleons - World Record - 50 Tricks in 4 Minutes
Houdini: Unlocking the Secrets

Incomplete: See Disc 20

Apollo Theater


Ed Alonzo
  • Duck to Dog
  • Appearing Duck
  • Duck to Girl Blammo
  • Twister
  • Top 10 - Record Albums with Bill Cosby
Smothers Brothers Kohl & Company


Disc 103

Larry Wilson's Famous Magician's School

Hosted by Tom Posto

Larry Wilson
Les Sorcery

with Vincent price

Norm Nielsen

The Great Tomsoni

J.C. Curtiss



Disc 104

Rudy Coby #1: The Coolest Magician on Earth  



FISM 1988 Duck Act

Mark Gabbriel


Johnny Long

Vic & Fabrini

Steve Shaw (Banachek) Blindfold Drive
Matt Wendall Hula Hoops
Johnny Carson Brian Gillis - Coins Across, Card location
Regis Doug Henning
  • Sea Shell Matrix
  • Sucker Torn and Restored Napkin
  • PomPoms
Craig Ferguson Jason Lattimer - Clear Cups and Balls
Johnny Carson Lance Burton - Card Sword, Sword Fight
Merv Griffin Michael Ammar - Dragon Fire - Growing Card, Topit Deck
Saturday Night Live Harry Anderson
  • Eating a Guinea Pig
  • Dueling Magicians
  • Chapeaugraphy
Ed Sullivan Peter Pitt
  • Dancing Cane
  • Multiplying Bottles
Chuck Jones Impalement

Sucker Egg Trick

Acrylic Barrel Illusion with Switch


Tonight Show with Jay Leno Rick Madel - Milk Can Escape
Harry Anderson Holdout

Mini Documentary


Disc 106

Masters of Magic 3 Ray Pierce
  • Motorcycle Appearance
  • Shooting a girl from Cannon into a Box

Larry Clark - Mis-made Dollar Bill

Aye Jay - Jumbo Cards with Productions

Franz Harary - Girl to Snake

Dana Daniels - Act

Larry Clark - Pen Through Dollar

Steffan - Impalement

Ray Pierce - Platform with Hoop Vanish

Steffan - Water Levitation

Max Maven - celebrity Prediction

Franz Harary - Twister

Larry Clark - Pen Through Half-Dollar

Michael Griffins & Harley Newman - Dueling Strait Jackets

Ray Pierce - Slo-mo Motorcycle Appearance

Comic Strip Live Amazing Jonathan
US Comedy Festival Pat Hazel
Comedy Shop 1978 Unknown Comic
Comedy Shop 1986 Unknown Comic
Harry Anderson - 1981 Harry Anderson
The New Vaudevillians 3 - 1988 George Carl

Bill Irwin

Robert Shields

Larry Wilson

Mike Caveney

Fly By Night

Nancy Gilberto

Jose Gonzales

Vito Lupo

Turk Pipkin

Monty Dallio

Rhythm Brothers

Raspini Brothers

TC Tahoe

Tempest & Colett

Dick Winslow

Comic Strip Live Ed Alonzo
Pendragons Pendragons


Disc 107

Penn & Teller Get Killed  


Disc 108

Madcap Magic - Orleans, Las Vegas  
Alain Choquette - Premiere Apparition  
That's Incredible Tom Mullica - Cigarette Routine
Unknown Siegfried & Roy
Unknown Bill King Magic Collection


Disc 109



Disc 110



Disc #